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Welcome to San Diego Bay Restaurant

CombinationsThe most authentic Mexican seafood in Arizona! Come in for some "comida del mar"... unlike anything you've ever had.


What are the customers saying?

"Forget the corporate seafood restaurants. Spend an hour or so in Mexico, and eat some amazing food!" -Alex K, Mesa AZ

"Based on the recommendation, my companion and I made the smart choice and listened. The staff welcomed us warmly and made us feel at home. We indulged in a dish that is served in a hot lava bowl......WOW!!! The cheesy, shrimpy goodness made our first voyage to the San Diego Bay all worth while and worthy of "this is a repeat" status." - Nancy D, Phoenix

"By far the best Mexican seafood restaurant I've been in north of Rocky Point... it's situated off a Mexican courtyard, in which there is another Mexican restaurant with killer food ( same owner!)"- Bil Z, Seattle


Combinations Combinations

Specialties of the house! (Click to see bigger pictures)